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Heaven and Hell

I’m gonna sound like a massive dick here, but whatever.

When we got to New Orleans, something felt a bit wrong, couldn’t work out why (no rational explanation), had a brilliant time, but felt a bit uncomfortable the whole time, which was odd because the rest of the trip was consistently ‘comfortable’ by contrast.

When we got to Glastonbury, something felt very very right. More so than the festival atmosphere, friends etc. The whole time (both visits) I felt driven and very alive.

Just sayin’.

That Daft Punk song is boring. People banging on about it like disco has been reinvented. It hasn’t!

Half Marathon tomorrow. Roughly this pace will help me meet my target time…



Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Nobody listens to silence (by MrLaurensio)

Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade


Blue Rondo A La Turk by The Dave Brubeck Quartet

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khaliyl rapping at 2 years old with Alim Kamara

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