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Why I Run

I run sometimes.

I was just asked “why?”

Here are some of my reasons:

  • I broke my ankle once and hated not being able to do something, so after physio I was really driven to run
  • I broke up with someone once and could sleep unless my body was exausted, so ran to tire myself out
  • I’m hooked on the adrenaline
  • It keeps me calm
  • It allows me to be focused on specific goals
  • It clears my head
  • It keeps me creative, to an extent
  • I feel like I’m achieving something, even if that’s not necessarily true

I’m sure there are other reasons.

Do you run? Why?

Sunday’s Race is full of hills #run #running

Sunday’s Race is full of hills #run #running

Chester Half Marathon, new PB 1:40:51. Really enjoyed about half of it. Bring on whatever’s next.

Half Marathon tomorrow. Roughly this pace will help me meet my target time…


Been working on my running.

It’s getting better.

More to follow.